Annual tax return for real estate owners

If you are the owner of a property in Spain that you do not use commercially, you will have to pay a tax called ‘Impuesto sobre la Renta no Residente’. This tax is called ‘Impuesto sobre la Renta de no Residentes’ and applies to non-residents who spend less than 183 days a year in Spain. You are required by law to file an Annual tax return for real estate owners for your Spanish property, called an imputación. The tax return (Modelo 210) must be submitted by 31 December of the following year.

With the Modelo 210, a “fictitious” income tax is paid based on the cadastral value. Of this, 2% (or 1.1% if the cadastral value has changed in the last 10 years) is calculated as the taxable base. The tax liability is currently 19% for EU citizens and 24% for non-EU citizens.

We can help you prepare and submit your annual tax return for property owners (Modelo 210) in Spain. For only 99.00 EUR including VAT, we will do everything for you. All we need is the property tax payment receipt for the tax year, the property owner’s identification cards (only in the first year of tax representation), the NIE number and the purchase contract (only in the first year of tax representation). Contact us by email, WhatsApp or phone to find out more or to tell us about your concerns. We are here to help!

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