COC Certificate

To import a vehicle into Spain, and many other EU countries, you need what are known as COC Certificate. COC stands for Certificate of Conformity. The COC certifies that the vehicle has an EU type-approval, i.e. that it meets the legal safety and environmental standards and is therefore registered in the EU.

All new EU cars now come with COC papers. In addition to the EU type-approval, the COC contains the vehicle-specific data entered by the manufacturer, such as vehicle type, dimensions, performance, CO2 emissions or engine capacity. This data is transferred by the European registration authorities to the relevant national registration documents.

If the car is older or you bought it used, this certificate is usually no longer available. It’s easy to overlook, and for many it’s just a technical data sheet that disappears somewhere. That’s why I always advise you to do this before you apply for a new one. Look in the old car documents, open the glove compartment again or look in the sun visor. Most of the time you will find it yourself.

But what if the COC papers are not in the car?
First check the age of the car, as the COC was only introduced in 2005. Vehicles built before 01.10.2005 or vintage cars do not have COC papers. Whether the type approval is sufficient must be checked separately. International vehicles from America, Asia, etc. also do not have European type approval and must undergo individual approval, which is very expensive. A non-European vehicle will never reach the standard of a European vehicle.

All European vehicles (post-2005), including motorcycles, scooters or trailers that no longer have papers, can usually be obtained from the manufacturer or from us as a duplicate. Prices vary greatly between dealers (€50-200) and depending on the vehicle. A COC for a luxury car can cost up to €300.
It can also take up to 4 weeks, adding to the time it takes to register the vehicle, which currently takes 2-3 months.

We are happy to help you find the best deal for you and have an engineer on hand who can provide us with the certificate quickly and fairly. Just drop us a line at info [at] or call us on +34 634 366 233 and we’ll get you the best deal.

Contact us if you need a COC certificate, want to register your vehicle and need a quote, or have general questions about your upcoming registration.

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