Spanish bank account

International banking in the EU can be expensive. If you live in Spain, you are well served with a Spanish bank account. Even as a non-resident, it is advantageous to have an account with a Spanish IBAN for the usual transactions such as rent, electricity, taxes, etc.
There are different banks and different types of accounts to open in Mallorca. You can find a selection here:

  • Cuenta corriente / cuenta bancaria: Common bank account for everything
  • Cuenta ahorro: At best, you can get a better result here with interest.
  • Cuenta nomina: An account for your monthly salary payments

You decide which account is right for you. Once you have found the right bank for you, we can help you open your Spanish bank account. We’ll help you make an appointment and fill in the necessary forms. All from as little as €39.00 including VAT.

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