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If you’re planning to live and work in Mallorca long-term, you’ll have to deal with some red tape, including apply for residency. The residencia is a coveted little green card that you need to live permanently in Spain. To apply for residencia, you must first obtain a NIE number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero), which you can apply for here. Once you have the NIE number, you can apply for an affiliation number (Numero de afiliación) from Seguridad Social. If you are employed in Mallorca, you can take these two documents to your employer, who will draw up your employment contract and register you for social security.

It is important to apply for these documents in order to obtain residencia. Once you have a signed work contract or other proof of how you will support yourself in Spain, you can apply for residency at the Immigration Office. We will be happy to help you apply for the NIE number and answer any questions you may have about the residencia.

Certain financial resources are required to apply for residency in Spain. In 2023, the amount will be 6,784.54 euros for a single person and 21,032.07 euros for a family with 2 children. To prove this, a bank statement in the form of a Certificado de Saldo is sufficient. However, as this is a lengthy process, we recommend that you arrive in Mallorca a few days in advance, rather than at the start of your work. We are happy to assist you with this and offer a package for €169.00 including VAT, which includes accompaniment to the Immigration Office in Palma, payment of the applicable fees and completion of the necessary forms. Simply contact us by email, WhatsApp or phone for more information and to start the process.

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